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Tilt Hoist

The IDCAM Tilt Hoist offers several interesting options and can be tailored to suit your needs.


Fast and robust, our Decanter unstacks bundles of lumber, one row of boards at a time. The machine automatically moves the bundles into an inclined position, increasing production line efficiency.

Made from solid, durable materials, the IDCAM Decanter is extremely reliable.

Optional pneumatic hammers quickly solve the problem of frozen wood bundles.

Our Decanter can be installed on an existing production line, and its design enables it to adapt to all board sizes.


Among the many options available on our Decanter, the “continuous action” option speeds up the rate between cycles.


The IDCAM Decanter combines robustness and intelligent design to meet the high expectations of the wood industry. Modifiable according to need, the IDCAM Decanter is a reliable and versatile machine.


The IDCAM Decanter requires no expensive hydraulic system. Relying exclusively on the power of its electric motor, our Decanter is powerful, and offers a clean, environmentally-friendly working environment.


Easy to maintain, the IDCAM Decanter has also been designed to reduce installation time to a minimum.

Advantages of the IDCAM Tilt Hoist

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