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ID Tagger

The IDCAM ID Tagger Robot is the perfect machine to counter labor problems.

To automate the process of applying vinyl labels, all factories in the wood processing industry need the IDCAM ID Tagger.


Our Labeler robot has laser vision capable of identifying the position and center of each board. The robot can label all types of boards with incomparable precision.

Also equipped with an automatic pin refill system, and designed to operate continuously, the IDtagger IDCAM robot can work day and night.

Thanks to its ability to use several different tools, the Labeler robot automatically chooses the label that corresponds to the type of board. The ID Tagger will automatically reload with labels or staples and prepare to label the next bundle of wood.


It automatically adjusts to the length and width of each package to be labeled.

Advantages of the IDCAM ID Tagger

ID Tagger - Full Line

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