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Complete line

Our complete line makes you more efficient through process automation and the use of robotics.


IDCAM offers turnkey projects of all sizes, varying from simple equipment to a complete production line.

IDCAM offers several tailor-made solutions for industrial automation, such as log feed lines, classification sorters and positioning barriers.


We also offer the following equipment:

  • Stacker

  • Labeler

  • Incisor

  • Bins sorter

  • Decanter

  • Transfer tray

  • Unscrambler

  • Positioner

  • Deceleration belts

  • Sequencer

  • Conveyor

  • Gantry vacuum manipulator

  • Vacuum robot manipulator

  • Wood Optimizer

  • Robotic manipulations

  • Wood sorter

  • Industrial dust collector

We can adapt the equipment according to the required size.
Our tailor-made solutions will meet all your production needs (all types of wood).

For an automated solution in the forestry industry, contact us.

Advantages of the complete IDCAM line

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